Thigh and Bottom Lift

A thigh lift or bottom lift is a type of body contouring often performed on patients left with a large amount of loose skin after weight loss. Sometimes a thigh and buttock lift are performed at the same time – a “lower body lift”.

Liposuction can be useful in removing excessive fat from the thighs and buttocks and is often combined with thigh and buttock surgery.

What happens?

A thigh or buttock lift is performed under general anaesthetic and can take several hours depending on the extent of the procedure.

Excess skin and fat is removed from the inner thigh or just above the buttocks. The remaining skin and tissue is lifted resulting in a tight, smooth look.

After surgery, incisions are usually stitched closed and covered by dressings. Small, thin tubes (drains) may be temporarily inserted in the wound. You will be given pain relief medication.

You will usually stay in hospital for one or two nights after your operation and will need to plan time off work so that you can recover at home.

What are the risks?

Risks associated with inner thigh lift include, but are not limited to:

• Tingling in the inner thigh (usually temporary)
• Complications with healing
• Stitches separate
• Prolonged healing
• Infection
• Blood clots
• Skin may sag if weight is lost afterwards

Your surgeon will explain the results you can expect after a buttock or thigh lift, and will discuss the associated risks and alternatives to the procedure before going ahead.