Ear, Nose & Throat Services (ENT) for Children

Ear, Nose & Throat Services Children Kent

Consultants at The Wells Suite can provide diagnosis, advice and treatment for common childhood Ear, Nose and Throat complaints such as persistently runny or blocked noses, breathing problems, throat infections, nasal speech and snoring.

In children that have prolonged or recurrent episodes of illness, surgical treatment is sometimes recommended.  If your consultant recommends surgery,  our ENT service includes a pre-admission assessment service to help young surgery patients understand more about their stay and make their time in hospital less daunting. We also have a play specialist who uses play and games to help younger children understand why they are in hospital.

We recognise that Children’s ENT needs often differ from adults’, so paediatric patients of The Wells Suite are cared for in the dedicated children’s wards at The Tunbridge Wells Hospital.  This means that the people caring for your child are not only experts in treating children, but they also understand the worries that children – and their parents – often have.

To arrange a private consultation with one of our specialist ENT consultants, ask your GP to refer your child to The Wells Suite.