Arm Reduction and Lift

An arm reduction and lift (brachioplasty) is a type of body contouring used to remove loose or sagging skin on the upper arms.

What happens?

An arm reduction is performed under a general anaesthetic. The operation can take up to 2 hours depending upon the extent of the procedure. Your surgeon will make a long incision between your armpit and elbow. Segments of skin and fat will be removed and the remaining skin stretched and stitched back together to give a tight, smooth look.  Small, thin tubes (drains) may be temporarily inserted in the wound.  

You will usually stay in hospital for one or two nights after your operation and will need to plan time off work so that you can recover at home.

What are the risks?

Every surgical procedure has a risk of complications. Be sure and discuss any concerns you might have about these risks with your surgeon.

General complications of any operation

• Pain
• Bleeding
• Infection in a surgical wound
• Blood clots
• Unsightly scarring

Specific complications of arm reduction and lift

• Persistent or severe pain
• Bruising and swelling
• Numbness of the skin
• Asymmetry of the upper arms