Anomaly Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan (20-22 weeks of pregnancy)

An anomaly scan is best undertaken between 20 and 22 weeks of pregnancy.  This scan is used to check whether your baby is growing properly and if your baby has any major physical abnormalities.  The physical structure of the baby will be carefully examined, including the brain, face, heart, kidneys, spine, hands and feet.  We also check your placenta for its position and the amount of fluid surrounding the baby

We are happy to tell you the gender of your baby at any scan over 16 weeks, if you wish.

No GP referral is required for the anomaly scan and appointments are generally available at short notice.

Who will do the scan?

Our anomaly scans are carried out by our specialist midwife sonographers.  As fully trained midwives, our midwife sonographers are able to advise you on every aspect of your pregnancy if you have additional questions or worries that you would like to discuss.

What will happen?

The midwife sonographer passes a handheld device called an abdominal probe over your skin. It is this probe that sends out ultrasound waves and picks them up when they bounce back.  A black and white picture of the baby will appear on the ultrasound screen.  The midwife sonographer will carefully examine your baby and at the end will explain the findings of the scan with you.

How do I get the results?

After the scan all the information will be put into a report and the midwife sonographer will explain what you should do or who you should see next in your pregnancy.

If the midwife sonographer is concerned about any aspect of your anomaly scan, she will inform you at the time.  In the rare case that a fetal anomaly is detected, it may be necessary to call a colleague for their opinion.  A referral to a specialist centre can be arranged if required.

How much does it cost?

An Anomaly Scan at The Wells Suite is £150.  As with all scans, the cost includes a consultation with one of our midwife sonographers who will give you a full explanation of all the findings at the end of the scan.  You will receive a clinical report, black & white scan pictures, and gender identification at no extra cost (if you want to know).