Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic at The Wells Suite

viability scan image

The Wells Suite is launching a new Early Pregnancy Assessment clinic suitable for women within 6-8 weeks of pregnancy.

This clinic is useful for women who

  • Are experiencing pain or bleeding in the pregnancy
  • Have had 3 or more previous miscarriages
  • Have had previous ectopic pregnancies
  • Are unsure of the date of their last menstrual period
  • Need reassurance

Patients will be able to talk through any concerns with our Consultant Gynaecologist who will then perform an early viability pregnancy ultrasound scan. The consultant will be able to confirm at the scan if the baby has a heartbeat, how many babies there are, when the baby is due and if the pregnancy is progressing normally.

No GP referral is required. The regular clinic is on Thursday mornings, though other appointment times (including evenings and weekends) are available on request.

For more information on the clinic, please click here.