Woman measuring her waist

Carrying excessive weight can not only affect your self esteem and quality of life but can have serious health implications.

Bariatric – or weight loss surgery – is not suitable for everyone. It is a long term commitment, not a cosmetic procedure, and should not be undertaken lightly. Every attempt must be made to lose weight through a diet plan or increased exercise, or through medical help provided by your GP. If all these measures fail, and if a reasonable time has been allowed for these measures to work, surgical assistance to lose weight can then be considered.

Private bariatric services at The Wells Suite cover all aspects of obesity surgery. At your initial free consultation your consultant will ensure that your preferred procedure is fully explained, that you are well informed and have realistic expectations of the results. We will also ensure that you are fully aware of the long term commitment that goes with this procedure and the impact that the surgery will have on your life.

There is no obligation to proceed and an individual quotation and care plan will be prepared before any procedure is scheduled.

Procedures available include:

Endoscopic gastric balloon

Laparoscopic gastric band

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

Laparoscopic gastric bypass